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To be eligible to supply products and services to the Malaysian Government, you need to first register your company with Ministry of Finance (MOF). Obtaining the MOF  License Treasury Registrations is a prerequisite for companies to participate in government sector and semi-government tenders and contracts. This include supplying goods and services including consultancy to government ministries, departments and agencies. The MOF registration normally needed by Government Department and Government Companies such as Petronas, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Felda and many others that also required the supplier for goods and services having their Company registered with MOF.


Supporting Documents Needed


The following is a list of supporting documents required for the application to the Misnistry of Finance (MOF):

  • List of goods / services that you wish to supply or provide to the government sector
  •  Location map to your office
  •  Latest 3 months EPF Statement & receipt
  •  Latest 3 month Bank in slip
  •  All the employee's new and old IC number and their designation
  •  Certified true  copies (CTC) by the bank on the cheque signatory (Prepared by us)
  •  CTC of Director's resoution for cheque signatory
  •  CTC of latest forms 24, 44, 49, 9, M&A, Annual Return and Annual Report
  •  CTC of form 32 A (if any)
  •  What is the estimate revenue of the company? (if your company is still new)
  •  Resume / Qualification of Directors
  •  Tenancy agreement with stamp duty (if rent) and its 3 months receipts
  •  S&P / Electricity and water bills / CF / Title
  •  2 photocopies of Directors' IC
  •  Minimum paid up capital - RM5,000
  •  Related local authority license (for manufacturing company)
  •  Any sucessful secured projects. If have, what is the contract value, project's name and procurement date?
  •  Who will be the named card holder for the future tendering projects?

Companies can make registration with MOF via

Any further clarification, kindly visit MOF website

Ministry of Finance    


Criteria to be given Bumiputra Status - Controlled Public Listed Companies

  1. The company is directly controlled by Bumiputra institutions / groups / company which is known as the only major owner with at least 35% voting power within the company or agregately the owner consists of 2 or 3 Bumiputra institutions / groups / company known having at least 35% voting power. In addition, theere is no Non-Bumiputra institutions / groups / companies holding more than 10% voting power or aggregately Non-Bumiputra instituions / groups / company known as substantial shareholders having not more than 24% voting power.
  2. The equity holding of the Bumiputra institutions / groups / company are not collaborating either directly or inderectly with any Non-Bumiputra institutions / groups / company.
  3. That Bumiputra institutions / groups / company is the rightful owner and has the ability to use the voting power as equity holder and able to make decision without being affected by any other party.
  4. At least 51% of the Board of Directors including the Company's Chairman / Chairperson is Bumiputra.
  5. The Managing Director or / and Chief Executive Officer are Bumiputra.
  6. At least 51% of its management team / personnel, professional and supervision staff are Bumiputra.
  7. The involved Bumiputra institutions / Groups / company will push maximum effort to surge the participation of Bumiputra in its activities.

Any further clarification, knidly visit MOF website

Ministry of Finance


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