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Registration With Ministry of Finance

To be eligible to supply products and services to the Malaysian Government, you need to first register your company with Ministry of Finance (MOF). Obtaining the MOF  License Treasury Registrations is a prerequisite for companies to participate in government sector and semi-government tenders and contracts. This include supplying goods and services including consultancy to government ministries, departments and agencies.

Guideline to Choose a Company's Name


  1. The name must use correct language and spelling.
  2. If the name using the word which is not from Bahasa Melayu or English, the meaning of the word must be given.
  3. Not an offensive or insulting name
  4. Not religious
  5. Not too general.

Example: a. Usaha Sdn. Bhd.

Type of Business in Malaysia

A business entity is a voluntary organization formed and organized to carry on activities of trading goods, services or both to consumers for some profitable or charitable purpose. It is determined by its business plan as the outcome of its operation and main activity. Most of business entities are privately owned and administered by individual or consist of few individuals. 

Starting A Business

Companies doing business in Malaysia are required to apply for business premises licenses and signboard licenses from the respective State Authorities. The requirements for the application of a business premise license and a signboard license may vary according to each local authority.

Generally, an application for a business license and signboard license must be accompanied by a number of supporting documents as follows:-

Share Capital and Shares



Share capital refers to the amount of capital raised (or to be raised) by a company through the issue of shares in return for cash or ther consideration. The amount of share capital a company has can change over time because each time a business sells new shares to the public in exchange for cash, the amount of share capital will increase. Share capital can be composed of both common and preferred shares.

Registration With Contractor Service Centre

Bumiputera Status


Currently the definitions of Bumiputera company by the National Finance council according to the Treasury Circular no 7/74 are as follows:


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