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Why Choose Us

Professional Company Secretarial Solutions

Company Secretarial Services

Companies registered in Malaysia are subject to a number of law and regulations, procedures, policies, standards, guidelines and code of ethic. We are the experienced professionals will consult and furnish you with the best practices of secretarial ethics and services such as corporate advisory, statutory registration, preparation of resolutions and so forth.

In general, our company secretarial sevices are mainly governed by Malaysia's Companies Act, 1965. However, in certain cases, other areas of law could be involved as well. Our client ranges from small, single-person controlled limited liability company to subsidiaries of listed companies.

We lookafter your corporate secretarial needs by offering the following services:

  1. Forming / Registration of a company or buy shelf (ready-made) Company
  2. De-registration (Strike Off) a Company's name from Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM)
  3. Maintenance and update of all the statutory books and records in compliance with the Companies Act, 1965 and other regulatory requirements
  4. Provision of a qualified named company secretary in accordance with Section 139 of the Companies Act, 1965
  5. Provision of registered address
  6. Lodgement of the requisite statutory documents with the relevant authorities
  7. Attendance of Board and General Meetings, taking minutes, undertaking all relevant preparatory work and advising on procedures and meeting requirements
  8. Preparation and lodgement of documentation relating to Annual General Meetings to comply with the Companies Act, 1965
  9. Preparing all the relevant directors' and members' resolutions
  10. Advising on the requirements of all the relevant statues to ensure regulatory compliance, including advice of duties and responsibilities of directors
  11. We provide advice and prepare the necessary documentation for various corporate execises below:
  • Alteration of memorandum and articles of associations
  •  Changing of the name of the company
  •  Allotment and issuance of ordinary and preference shares, increase in the paid-up capital and issued capital and issuance of share certificates
  •  Transfer of shares and restruturing of companies
  •  Effecting changes to the Board including change of directors, change of particulars of the directors, etc
  •  Conduct full company searches at the Companies Commision of Malaysia
  •  Change of auditors and tax agent
  •  Declaration of interim or final dividends
  •  Conversion of status of company from Sdn. Bhd. to Berhad

Audit Services

We assist our clients who have successfully their company registration with us to do yearly statutory audit and also internal audit. It is part of our responsibility as the Company Secretary to advise the business flow accordance to the law and regulation stated in Malaysia's Companies Act, 1965. Our affiliated Audit Firm provides professional assurance on the financial performance and operations of your business. Our trained audit team will explicity advise and focus on the objective and important issues of your business operations, compliance and risk areas by tailoring the efficient and cost-effective audit procedures and solutions. You will be able to have deeper understanding and respond effectively to the risks that your business faces in an increasingly complex business environment 

More information on Audit Services.

Taxation Services

Our tax team are trained in keeping constant communication with our clients as business nowadays runs in very challenging ways which requires more guidance and area in more than one taxation area. They are highly trained to serve the clients with advising the updates on new development in tax legislation and tax implications arise from any proposed decision within the confines of the Malaysian Income Tax Act, 1967 as well as guiding the clients in tax planning to minimize the taxes imposed as allowed by the goverment in its legislation. The tax related services includes application for company tax file number, submission of tax forms, preparation of tax computation and advisory service for the application of tax incentive (pioneer status, investment tax allowance and reinvestment).

More Information on Taxation Services.

Starting up a Company in Malaysia?

Or Looking and Replace Your Company Secretary?

Registering and managing a Company in Malaysia requires a number of practical steps to be taken, and we can assist you throughout the way!


Office Address

B-03-10, Gateway Corporate Suits,Gateway Kiaramas,No. 1 Jalan Desa Kiara,
50480, Mont' Kiara,Kuala Lumpur.

Phone Number

+603 6206 5511


+603 6206 5151


B-03-10 Gateway Corporate Suites, Gateway Kiaramas,
No. 1 Jalan Desa Kiara, Mont' Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +603 6206 5511
Fax: +603 6206 5151


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Advanced Corporate Resources Sdn. Bhd. is a registered Company Secretary firm in Malaysia providing business solutions offer a full range of Company Secretarial services.